luni, 15 august 2016

Getting a transfer to Otopeni in luxury cars

As you might know already, we are a subsidiary of one of the most successfull companies in the United States and as we work in the pharmaceutical industry, we have tons of money in our hands, as the business have really grown a lot.

And the Bucharest office that I am in charge of simply managed to triple its business in the last year, due to our take over of some smaller companies in Bulgaria, Moldova and also Ukraine, which are new and very interesting market for us. Also, we have developed a lot our production facilities, due to the fact that the production needed to be increased and we improved all our performance metrices.

So, when our mother company from the United States noticed that we are doing so well, they decided to pay us a visit in order to see and know better the people that are doing miracles in the Eastern European market and increasing the overall business and profits way more than expected. Now... to be completely honest with you, I have my questions and my fears regarding this visit, as I did not personally know all those people, but finally everything went ok.

One of our main issues was due to the fact that I did not knew exactly what kind of cars to send at the airport, but finally I have decided for a transfer to Otopeni in luxury cars which now I was a very good ideea, as I know that everyone enjoyed a lot the Mercedes black cab card that we rented for the period of their stay here, in Bucharest.

Finally I have too say that we were getting along very well, and they were actually impressed by Bucharest, by our english speaking skills and all of those things. Needeless to say that they will be back again in about 6 months, as they were feeling very good in here.

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